Cooks Hill

Cooks Hill is one of the most desirable suburbs in Newcastle. As an inner city suburb it’s practical for professionals and families alike, with good transport links and local facilities.


Cooks Hill is a suburb with a rich history, rich enough that Peter Murray, a local author, even wrote a 300-page book on the topic.

It started off as a small coal mining town in the 1800s, but quickly began to grow from the ground into a working class suburb by the 1900s.

As the suburb began to grow, employers began to see more potential in the area. One of those employers was William Arnott, who brought a touch of fame to the suburb by building his first biscuit factory there, and providing jobs for hundreds of locals. Even today, Arnott’s Biscuits is Australia’s largest and most popular biscuit producer, and Cooks Hill can lay claim to being the suburb where it all started.

In more recent history though, the suburb was hit by an earthquake in 1989. The natural disaster caused a lot of damage to many of the Victorian terraced homes, meaning that many have been replaced with more modern properties. Now the suburb has the perfect combination of traditional and executive style homes.


Cooks Hill has two schools, Newcastle High Cooks Hill Campus and Newcastle Grammar School. Cooks Hill Campus is in partnership with Big Picture Education, and aims to focus on students as individuals, making their education experience more interesting and engaging.  It also offers education for adults.

For younger children, there is also a preschool in the suburb, so there are plenty of educational facilities for children of all ages.


There are plenty of cafes in Cooks Hill, most of them located on the suburb’s eat street, Darby Street.

Most of the local cafes are independently run, local businesses, rather than being chain brands.

There’s also a huge choice of restaurants for dining out, with dishes from all over the world. There are Vietnamese, Thai, Italian, American diner style and traditional Australian restaurants. Again many are located on Darby street.

If you’d rather take out though, there are of course plenty of take away options too.


Cooks Hill is a social hub so there is an effective transport system in terms of buses that run throughout the suburb, and it’s well connected to its neighbouring suburb, The Junction. This means that Cooks Hill residents who need to commute to a place of work, or Newcastle’s Central Business District, can easily do so by making use of The Junction’s several train stations.


Cooks Hill is a suburb that attracts people from all over the world. There are plenty of residents from overseas countries such as New Zealand, the United Kingdom, the United States and South Africa.

The majority of residents are single professionals, particularly in occupations such as health care and social roles as well as educational roles. There’s also a large percentage of families in the area as the area is well suited to different lifestyles. In 2017, the average age of those in the suburb is currently 32.

In Cooks Hill there are more renters than buyers. In 2017, only 21% of people in the suburb fully own their homes, whilst 56% live in rental properties.


The diverse demographics and facilities that Cooks Hill has to offer means that the suburb is suited to a whole range of different lifestyles.

The atmosphere in Cooks Hill is perfect for those enjoy the benefits and practicality of an inner city suburb, but crave a more laid back lifestyle.

It’s close to several beaches, including Bar Beach, so residents can enjoy the best of city and beach life.

There are several art galleries within the suburb, including the Newcastle Region Art Gallery, as well as plenty of green space in the form of well-kept parks, and a huge range of places to try dishes from all over the world. So Cooks Hill is well suited to those who enjoy cultural attractions and experiences.

As well as offering plenty by way of leisure, it’s a suburb that supports both the professional and family lifestyle. With local schools and transport links, the suburb has both educational opportunities and the chance to commute and stay well connected with the business world, whilst also enjoying everything Cooks Hill has to offer, including its laid back atmosphere.

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