10 Signs That It’s Time To Upsize Your Home

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If you’re starting to think your current home isn’t right for you anymore, that’s okay! Most people don’t stay in one home forever, and the chances are, at some point you’re going to outgrow your home.  

Upsizing to a bigger home can be an important move for you and your family. Sometimes though, it’s hard to know whether it’s the right time to make the move. Here are 10 signs that you’re ready to move on to a bigger home! 

1: Your family is growing  

A growing family is the main reason behind most people’s decisions to upsize. Whether there’s a new family member on the way, or your existing family members are just getting a little bigger, a larger house is probably in order. 

A bigger home makes for more comfortable living, and gives the kids a perfect environment to grow and learn in, rather than a cramped home.  

Even if your family isn’t growing yet, upsizing means that you’ll have the freedom to grow later on, without the worry of whether you’ve got enough space to accommodate another little one.  

2: You want more space for a furry friend 

Smaller homes aren’t the most suitable if one of your family members is a pet. Dogs in particular need space, both indoors and out.  

A bigger home will mean you can have all the furry friends you want by your side, and they’ll have space to roam and play.  

So if you’ve already got pets that look like they’re feeling a little cramped, or if having a pet is so far just an unfulfilled dream, upsizing is the way to go.

3: The housing market is looking good 

Before you go ahead with initiating the move, it’s a good idea to check out the current market. If it looks like a good time to buy, and interest rates are low, then there really isn’t anything holding you back.  

Seize the opportunity, as the housing market and interest rates are constantly changing. You don’t want to put it off and then be faced with higher interest rates and a quiet market.  

Plus, if you’ve already looked into the housing market, the chances are that mentally, you’re ready to move on to a bigger home.  

4: You’re feeling cramped 

Do you bump into at least three family members every time you take a trip to the bathroom? Do you have to fight over who’s turn it is to have a shower? It’s easy to feel cramped if your home is too small for your family.  

As little ones grow and get older, suddenly being in such close proximity isn’t quite as bearable.  

A bigger home gives everyone the space they deserve. The kids will have space to play and amuse themselves, giving you some well-deserved peace and quiet every now and then.  

Bigger homes also often mean extra bathrooms, which might come as a welcome extra if you’re tired of having to fight for your turn in the shower.  

5: Your home feels cluttered 

It’s not just people that can cause a home to feel cramped, it’s belongings as well. We all pick up more possessions as the years go by, and a small house may not be the best home for them.  

A larger home will have more space for storage. As your family grows, so will the amount of belongings you have, so you’ll be needing space to keep all of your things in order.  

6: You can afford to upsize 

Whether or not you desperately need to move into a bigger home, it can be a good move if your current financial situation means you can afford to.  

The chances are that sooner or later, you’ll want to upsize, so it makes sense to do so whilst you’re in a good place financially. This will take a lot of stress out of the move, and means that you’re much more likely to find (and be able to afford) the home of your dreams.  

7: You need more from your neighbourhood 

Your current home might have been in an ideal location when you first bought it, maybe it was close to friends, or your favorite bars and restaurants, but as your family grows you need more from your neighbourhood.  

You might want to be closer to schools, or your workplace, and a move is the only way to bring these things closer to your home.  

If you’re already feeling like your current location isn’t right for you anymore, it can be a good time to make the decision not just to move, but to upsize.  

8: You want to be able to entertain 

Often, first homes are just about big enough for your lifestyle, and don’t have much space for entertaining. So, if you’ve started to crave a home that you feel happy bringing guests into, it might be time for an upgrade.  

Larger homes will have space for entertaining, and maybe even a spare bedroom so that you can invite friends or family members to stay.  

You’ll also have more space to throw birthday parties for the kids, or organise playdates. A bigger home means you can unleash your social side.  

9: You need private space 

Everyone needs a little ‘me time’ every now and then, but that’s hard to come by when you’re living in cramped conditions. Not having the space to relax can drive you mad, and a bigger home can be the perfect solution.  

You’ll be able to set aside some space for your own personal use, where you can go to relax, work, or even just catch up on your favourite shows.  

10: You long for bigger pieces of furniture 

If you often find yourself wishing you had larger furniture items that your home isn’t big enough to accommodate, then a bigger home might be in order.  

Maybe you’ve been longing for a bigger sofa that your whole family could fit on, or a larger TV for better film nights. But if you’re hoping for bigger furniture, the chances are you need a bigger home as well.   


If you’ve found yourself relating to any of these signs, it might be time to upsize your home. It’s a move that can give you and your family the space you deserve, and if you’ve got a furry friend, they might just welcome the extra space more than anyone.  

Plus, a larger home brings new opportunities. You’ll have the opportunity to further grow your family, and to use your home as a space to entertain.  

Upsizing is a move that you’re unlikely to regret, so if the signs are there, and you’re feeling ready to move on, it’s a good move to make.  

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