How to Find Renters & Good Tenants

Want clean, tidy, and respectful tenants in Newcastle? Learn how to find renters with Arnold Property.

We highly recommend internet advertising. We lease numerous properties from this source. Our ads on the internet attract quality tenants who tend to be well educated, computer literate, have good jobs and high incomes. As well as our own website, we subscribe to Domain, Real, and

Our office receives a high volume of walk-in and telephone enquires from prospective tenants. Your property is listed on this brochure which is collected and emailed to numerous prospects daily.

A “For Lease” Sign will also be erected at your property. You would be surprised at how may prospects this will generate. It will capture the local residents, other agents prospects sent to the area, non-internet people plus those who don’t get the local paper. The sign is erected free of charge.

The Newcastle Herald has enormous circulation. However, most prospects now use the Internet to source a new property.

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