Tenancy Application

Got your eye on one of our Newcastle rental properties? Submit a tenancy application online.

REMINDER: All adults over 18 must complete a separate application form.

All adults MUST complete and application
Please provide your best email for contact as this will be the email address you agree notices to be served to
(Not living with you)
Reference 1
Reference 2

Photo ID (Licence, Passport), Medicare Card - 100 pts of ID
Proof of Income (Payslip, Group Certificate)
Tenant Ledger / Agent Details or Council Rates of your home
Rent Receipts / Copy of Lease (If Private Rental)
Proof of Address - Electricity Account, Bank Statement

Allowed file types include Word documents and PDFs. Maximum filesize 5MB.

I hereby offer to rent the property from the owner under a lease prepared by the agent. Should this application be accepted by the landlord, I agree to enter into a Residential Tenancy Agreement. I acknowledge that this is subject to the approval of the owner/landlord. I declare that all information contained within this document is true and correct and given of my own free will. I declare that I have inspected the premises and am not bankrupt.

I authorise the Agent to obtain personal information from:
a) The owner or the agent of my current or previous residence
b) My personal references and employer/s
c) Any record listing of database of defaults by tenants (TICA) If I default under a rental agreement, I agree that that Agent may disclose details to a tenancy default database, and to agents/landlords of properties I may apply for in the future.

I am aware that the agent will use and disclose my personal information in order to:
a) Communicate with the owner and select a tenant
b) Prepare lease/tenancy documents
c) Allow tradespeople of equivalent organisations to contact me
d) Lodge/Claim/Transfer to/from a Bond Authority
e) Refer to Tribunals/Courts & Statutory Authorities (where applicable)
f) Refer to collection agents/lawyers (where applicable)
g) Complete a credit check with NTD (National Tenancies Database)

I am aware that if information is not provided or I do not consent to the uses to which personal information is put, the Agent cannot provide me with the lease/tenancy of the premises. I am aware that I may access personal information on the contact details above.

I am aware that if my application is approved it is on the condition that all rent payments will be paid by direct deposit. (I agree to arrange with my bank, building society or credit union to make my rental payments directly into the nominated account with my allocated tenant number)

If the application is accepted and it is agreed by the landlord to hold the property for an agreed time then I agree to pay the equivalent of one week rent to the Agent as a reservation fee. This fee holds the property for 7 days and I agree to sign the lease within that period. This reservation fee will be credited to the first week’s rent when the lease is signed. If the applicant advises that he/she no longer wants to take the premises, then the holding deposit will be submitted to the owner in full. During the reservation period, no fee will be taken from any other applicant, nor will the premises be reserved in anyone else’s favour.

By submitting this form, you agree to our privacy statement found here.

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