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Enjoy the benefits of selling your property with an agency that cares.

Truly Local Business

Superior knowledge of suburb trends and buyer demographics, because we’re local – Newcastle born and bred.

Dedicated Team

You’re not just a number with us. Our tight knit team delivers a personalised service that only a boutique agent can.

30 Years Experience

Arnold Property has been around for over a quarter of a century. That’s the experience you need when it counts.

Proven Track Record

We’ve helped over 150 amazing people sell their house fast with an average time on the market of just 48 days.

Family Owned

The Arnold Property business was started by father Steve Arnold back in the 90’s, and is still proudly family owned.

Attracting the right buyers to sell your house

Engaging with the right buyers is the key to fast home sales

Identify your buyer and sell your house before the official advertising campaign even begins! Using a database of active buyers, find potential consumers that match your property. You then get the value of our expert marketing and advertising packages to target those buyers.

Our experienced sales team will identify and target your properties strongest selling points, tailoring your messaging to the demographic of the buyer.

Advertising covers the major platforms including Domain and We’ve also built strong and genuine relationships with local buyers agents and external buyers agents. These agents always have at least 3-6 clients ready to buy in the Newcastle region.

Once you have found a potential buyer, you need to present your property in it’s best light. Our property services offer expert advice in a pre-sale report. This report highlights areas where you could improve your homes value and we can coordinate trade quotes and styling of the home. As an added extra, we also offer a garden makeover service to improve your curbside appeal.

This is a comprehensive approach to make that you don’t only sell your home fast, but to the best buyer.

Selling Houses – Newcastle Suburb Trends

Find out what is happening in your local area with our Suburb Profiles

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Choosing the right agent to sell your house

There is no doubt that if you want to sell your house, it can be a stressful time. Like getting married, or having a baby there is a lot of thought that goes into the decision. When the times comes around to list your house, choosing the right agent for you is crucial to ensure the process runs smoothly.

Doing your own research and engaging the right agent gives you piece of mind in knowing that they have your best interest at heart. When selling a house, you want to be sure they are working towards achieving the best outcome for you.

At Arnold Property, we believe in transparency and clarity. Ethics is the forefront of our business which means nothing should be hidden. Our ethical approach underpins our consistent business growth and is reflected in the relationships we have with home sellers and prospective buyers.

We share information with our fellow agents and develop relationships built on trust, and we expect the same in return. Trust should be the number one consideration when choosing an agent to sell your home. Here are some other question you should ask:

Questions to ask

A local agent will have an in-depth understanding of the surrounding area. Living locally gives a greater knowledge on information such as more sought after pockets within the suburb, the type of demand to expect and from what demographic of buyer. A general understanding on the changes in a suburb also gives insights into employment and development and reduces the time it takes when selling a house.

It takes years of experience to develop the skills to accurately appraise your properties true value. An experienced local agent will know what it takes to market your home and provide a unique selling strategy. It’s not something you get from a common system created by a large franchise group.

A quick look on Domain on the agents profile will reveal their average days on market. Although only being an average, it is still a good indication on how they operate. An agent with a lower average days on market is a testament of how accurate their property appraisals are and how efficient they will work for you. Selecting an agent with a higher average days on market could mean that their pricing and strategy is off the mark and the process of selling with them could well take much longer than anticipated.

If they are already juggling many listings they may not have the manpower to do open homes every weekend or be available to arrange private inspections through the week. You can’t expect to sell your house if no one has seen it. Find out whether you will be dealing exclusively with one agent and get them to commit to a schedule for your sale.

A good agent works for you. They will continue to contact inquiries and conduct open homes right up until a contract exchanges. A big mistake agents make is to stop doing open homes and place a property as UNDER OFFER online before the contract exchanges. Placing a property as under offer will deter other potential buyers who may be willing to offer more from inquiring. Although it’s not very common, even a good offer may fall through. That’s why it can help to have a second offer to fall back on.

This may include going along to a few of their open homes to see how they operate and interact with buyers. This will show how good they will be at the negotiation stage. Monitor how long it takes them to respond to your inquiry as a buyer and how available they make themselves. Every enquiry counts just as much as the next one, that enquiry they didn’t respond to could have been a buyer willing to pay top dollar on your property.

Recent property rentals

Here’s just a few of the suburbs in Newcastle where we manage properties

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Bar Beach

12 Steps to Preparing Your House for Sale

1. Choose the right time to sell your house
Is there a particular time of year that shows your house at it’s best? A nice, shaded and cool home during summer can appear cold and uninviting during winter.

2. Shortlist 3 agents to invite out for an initial sales call
Go through the process with them, and take notes of any advice they provide.

3. Make a List
From the initial meetings, make a list of work required to do before listing and plan what you need to do.

4. Give yourself enough time
Focus on jobs that you can do yourself like repairs and finer details, and engage the experts for the bigger jobs.

5. Get at least 3 quotes
Start arranging quotes from tradesmen if updates are required.

6. Time it right
Focus on your garden spaces a few months before selling to make sure they are looking their best come sale time. If you don’t have time for this, then plant fresh just before sale, and use plants that will look their best for that time of year.

7. Engage your agent
The month before listing, engage the selling agent to put a selling strategy in place.

8. Book the furnishings
Decide whether you will utilise your own furniture or hire a storage unit to store belongings to de-clutter the property.

9. Find a Conveyancer
Engage a reputable Conveyancer or Solicitor to prepare the contract for sale.

10. Bring in the Stylist
1 week prior to listing, book in cleaners and a stylist. If the house is tenanted, then make sure they are keeping the place clean and tidy for any showings.

11. Find a pet minder
We recommended you look into sending your pet on a holiday to a pet resort during the listing period. It will save time with cleaning and you won’t run the risk of Fido leaving little treats for potential buyers.

12. Final Checks
In the final week all the marketing will take place such as floorplan, photography and video. Talk to your agent about what options are available, and what you can do to help.

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