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Need help finding a new home in Newcastle? Learn more from our buyers guide to house hunting.

Before purchasing:
The easiest way for us to help you find your dream home/perfect investment is to provide us with your ‘checklist’ of what you wish your property to have.
This should include; Location, ‘must haves’ & price range.
You should also outline the minimum & maximum requirements regarding bedrooms, bathrooms & garaging.
If you are looking to purchase an investment, other key items to look at would be things such as; potential rental return, outgoings, if any upgrades or renovations are needed to keep up to date with the market.
Finance should be arranged prior to inspecting properties. We recommend you speak to a couple of financiers to see who offers you the best option for your requirements.
If you would like an independent mortgage broker to provide you with a no obligation opinion, check our Directory service on our webpage.

We highly recommend being honest when it comes to purchasing a property.

If there are any negatives, please provide the constructive criticism, this information is very valuable information for the Agent & Owner to know.

At Arnold Property we try and take the back and forth haggling out from our Sales. We list our properties at the Market Value & trust that our purchasers are ready to offer their highest offer first time.

Don’t be disheartened if you cannot find your “dream home” right away. Looking for a property is time consuming, but it’s worth it in the end when you find ‘the one’.

Register to receive our new listings & keep up to date with the current listing market.

Always review your contract. Your solicitor will also do this for you, but it is worthwhile checking into this yourself, perusing the special conditions, tenancy details if applicable & the basic contract information.

Submit your offer! Remember to discuss with your financier for pre-approval status as the ball will get rolling straight away once your offer is approved.

If your offer is not accepted the first time, perhaps see if you are willing to pay any more for this property, if it’s not exactly what you want then perhaps keep looking for another property – you will know when the right one comes along.

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