For Our Tenants

Need fixes and repairs done ASAP? Here’s all the information you need for fast, efficient maintenance.

Please telephone 0425 346 759. This phone number is for Emergency Repairs only, please refer to Clause 20 of the Residential Tenancy Agreement. You will need to leave a message with specific details of the repair to receive attention and an agent will return your call. Whilst waiting for our tradespeople we request that you take reasonable steps to minimise any damage to the property. Tenants needs to give the Landlord/Agent a reasonable opportunity to complete the repair.

Yard maintenance, mowing, edging, pruning, weeding and watering. Parking of vehicles on lawns is not permitted.

Routine Inspections will be carried out on a regular basis. You will be issued 7-14 days notice in writing. Inspection times will not be altered. Please ensure the property is well presented for the inspection.

All requests for maintenance must be in writing – our preferred method is via our online Maintenance Request Form. Fax, E-mail or Letter are also accepted. Request for picture hooks, alterations and Foxtel also need to be in writing and can also be made via the Maintenance Request Form.

Strata Titled tenants must abide by the By-laws, refer to your Residential Tenancy Agreement – Clause 66 in your lease.

If your property has its own water meter you will be sent an account for water usage.

The first 2 weeks advance rent pays the 1st 2 weeks rent- not the last.

The property is your home no matter how temporary your stay. Treat it with respect and you will never have a problem getting another nice place to live. In fact you will have the edge on any other persons applying for the same property.

If you are locked out during business hours you will need to provide a $100 refundable cash deposit for us to release our master keys. The $100 will be refunded to you once our keys have been returned.

Outside business hours you will need to contact a locksmith. Should you be successful in contacting one of our staff outside business hours you will be asked to pay a fee to cover staff time, travel and fuel.

Should you attempt to break back in to the property you will be liable for any repairs to the property.

May we suggest you have a spare set of keys cut to be left with a trustworthy person who is accessible after hours.

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