Tenancy Sharing

Sharing and sub-letting is not permitted unless approval has been given by the landlord.

Any prospective tenant must complete our Application for Tenancy and provide a photocopy of photo identification and proof of income. Sub-letting a property is a breach of the lease unless the application has been given prior approval and all tenants have signed a new lease. The Landlord reserves the right to increase the rent if the tenant sub-lets the property without the owners consent.

Nominate a responsible person to pay the rent. Other tenants then pay this person direct.

Please note tenants are jointly and severally liable for the whole rent. For example, if the Agreement states the weekly rent is $200 per week this is not 2 x $100 if sharing. Our software cannot distinguish between which tenant has paid their share and who hasn’t.

If someone who has shared tenancy is leaving, the following must occur

1) The out going tenant must notify us in writing.

2) Any prospective tenant must complete our Application for Tenancy, provide photo identification and proof of income.

3) Once approved a new Agreement will be prepared for all tenants to sign.

4) The new tenant will pay-out the old tenants share of the Rental Bond in exchange for their signature on a “Change of Shared Tenancy” (orange form).

5) The original Residential Premises Condition Report will remain in force and tenants will be required to initial Clause 56 of the Agreement.

6) The landlord reserves the right to vary the original terms and conditions of the lease. eg increase rent.

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