Advice for Managing Your Own Rental Property (DIY Landlord)

DIY Landlord Services with Arnold Property

From DIY repairs to managing tenants, we have all the landlord advice you need to make managing your own rental property simple.

At Arnold Property we can provide you with a personalised combination of property management services and advice to make managing your own rental property streamlined and stress-free.

Help from the experts to manage your own rental property

There are many advantages to managing your own property, with most DIY landlords choosing this path to save on overheads from property managers and maintain more hands-on involvement with their property. However, self-managing landlords often outsource one or more aspects of their property management. Often this comes down to a matter of time and practicality -- if you’re short on time or have multiple properties to manage, handling all the management tasks on your own can quickly become impractical.

At Arnold Property we offer a range of You can engage one, several or all of our services depending on your needs. Our services for DIY landlords include

We can help match your property up with the right tenants through targeted, strategic advertising. We can place your property on our own website,, Real and, along with placing your property in window displays and internal office materials. You’ll also gain access to our large database of clients who subscribe to our regular property updates.

Many DIY landlords find it difficult to make time for conducting inspections with prospective tenants. DIY landlords often own properties outside their own hometown or city or struggle to fit inspections into their busy schedules. At Arnold Property we can conduct inspections at your property with prospective new tenants on your behalf.

We can provide all required documentation for your rental property including Tenancy Application forms and other tenancy documentation, specifically Residential Tenancy Agreements, Ingoing Condition Reports, Bond Lodgement forms. Plus, we can provide Digital Photos to support the ingoing condition report.

As well as providing all the required tenant documentation we can help with processing suitable applicants. We use the Australian tenancy database (TICA) along with advanced property information from RP Data and our relationships with fellow agents to find you the best possible tenants for your property.

When it comes time to end the lease we can complete the Final Inspection for you. Our property management team will take care of everything including preparing the property condition report.

We can handle the financial side of your property management by collecting and receipting advance rent and lodging rental bonds for you.

Get the help you need to manage your own rental property without the pricetag

We can deliver any combination of the above DIY landlord assistance services All fees are negotiable depending on the level of service you require. Should you decide to do everything yourself we can provide you with the most recent documentation to ensure your DIY landlord process is completely up-to-date. Please contact us for more information on how we can make managing your own rental property simple.

Steps to selling a house or rental property

When the time comes for you to sell your rental property, we’re here to help. Selling your rental property with Arnold Property is straightforward. Our experts will work with you to match you up with the right buyers and get you a great price on your property.

  • Step 1 Identify your ideal buyer and take advantage of our database of active buyers
  • Step 2 Target your potential buyers with expert marketing and advertising packages
  • Step 3 Get an expert pre-sale report highlighting ways to maximise your home and garden
  • Step 4 Sell your home for an amazing price!
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