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Selling and moving house is supposed to be one of the most stressful times in your adult life, symbolising change, which can trigger emotions of stress and anxiety. The process of actually packing up all your belongings and moving them, many people can find themselves in a bit of a pickle.

Here are a few helpful hints to get you started

Dealing with moving to a new house

Moving Tips - Find your removalist

Find your removalist

Booking a removalist should be at the top of your list. Do your research of local companies in the area, find prices, and what’s included.  Many companies can book up quite quickly so if you have to move by a certain date, its best to lock that in. When you have found one that best suits your requirements, book them. This will provide a relief that you have an actual moving date and you can start planning and organising accordingly.

Many companies such as Best Removals Newcastle can help with all your removing requirements; packaging, a packing service and even unpacking once you reach your new destination.

Moving Tips - Packing and Unpacking

Packing and Unpacking

If you are going to undertake this task yourself, it is also the perfect time to clear out everything you no longer need. There is not much point in taking things that have been unused for a long period of time to a new house, for them to be unused there too.  Plus, the less you take, the cheaper the removalist could be.  Make sure all your boxes are clearly labelled so when you arrive at your new home, you can grab the essentials immediately without having to sift through every box.  Packing your personal essentials in an overnight bag could also really helpful. Often after a long day of moving, we just want to relax with a quick dinner and bed before the daunting task of unpacking all our worldly belongings so an over night bag would be perfect, everything in one spot ready to go.

Packing Supplies

Make sure you are fully stocked up on all things packaging, boxes, tape, bubble wrap.  There is nothing worse than running out of items halfway through a cupboard when the shops are closed.  So, buy in bulk!

Shopping List

  • Packing tape – for boxes
  • Sharpie – for labelling
  • Scissors
  • Stanley knife

Ask around on the local buy swap and sell pages on social media. They can always be useful when searching and gathering removal boxes, especially if you are hoping to keep the costs down to as little as possible.

Moving Tips - How to Pack

How to Pack

When you are packing the boxes, make sure that you are able to carry them, they fill up pretty quickly and can become quite heavy without you realising it.

Use some of the items you have around the home to help with padding the delicate items. Pillows and towels can be useful in avoiding breakages.

Where to start, which room?

Starting in the rooms which don’t have items that are used on a daily basis is always good, and once its cleared you can use this as a storage space as you pack boxes up from other areas of the home.

Keeping yourself organised

Remembering where cables go, screws etc. can be a bit of a nightmare when you are unpacking. When you are pulling apart and dismantling furniture or devices, use labelled ziplock bags to keep everything together.

Moving Tips - The Kitchen

The Kitchen

To avoid unnecessary waste, shop small and eat what you can from the fridge and freezer to so you don’t have to worry about transporting food and it having to be in back into the fridge or freezer for a certain time, just in case there is a delay on the moving day.  Packing away the most unused items in the kitchen and leaving only the bare minimum is the best course of action in the kitchen.

Its moving day

Its moving day

So, the day has finally arrived, you are up early and can finish packing away the last of your belongings and be ready for when the removalist van turns up!   Complete a thorough check of all cupboards, loft spaces, sheds, and garages to make sure everything is packed up and ready to go.

Arriving at your new home is super exciting. Take a moment, before the fun of unpacking beings!  Unless you have organised for your removalist company to assemble the furniture and start unpacking for you, make sure you take a moment to breathe and compose yourself. If you have a removalist company unpacking for you, then enjoy your new home and start creating memories immediately and if you are doing it yourself, unpacking can also be the start of great memories!

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