Must-have features your smart home will need in 2019


If there’s one thing that has significantly impacted the way the human race lives today, the award will go to technology. There’s no doubt that technological advancements happen at exponential rates to the point of being unable to keep up with all the changes. One of the fastest growing sectors in the tech space is smart home automation.

And if you’re no stranger to the world of smart home innovation, you’ve probably heard about the benefits it can bring to managing cost-effectiveness in your home. From smart lighting to smart heating and cooling, smart automation will allow you to better manage your usage which inevitably increases the value of your home. Like how solar panels and reusable water systems do but in a more advanced technology way.

Implementation of smart technology in your home doesn’t just improve your lifestyle and comfort, it also enhances the property value and sales appeal to all potential buyers.

Without further ado, here’s a list of the must-have features every smart home in 2019 needs.

  1. Expand your control options for your home

With voice commands becoming an overused antic in the smart home sphere, it may be time to start thinking outside the box.

After all, you probably won’t feel up for shouting over a movie you’re watching just to talk to your home, right?

Rather than having to grab your phone or speak out loud, smart home companies are moving in the direction of a less intrusive way of communicating with your home.

For example, Titanium Falcon’s Talon smart ring has innovatively gone down the route of combining wearables with your smart home controls. Just think about Minority Report and the scene where Tom Cruise was interacting with a 3D hologram without physically touching anything. That reality is coming a lot sooner than you think.

With the Talon smart ring, you wear a smart remote on your finger that reacts to your gestures to control smart automation aspects of your home. Gone are the days of having to play video games with a remote controller, or to have to get up and pick up your phone to turn the lights on or off.

  1. Total voice assistance

It wasn’t until a couple of years ago that smart home automation advanced past the testing phase of limited control options by touch or remote control. With more and more household devices expanding into voice activated upgrades in the hardware, it became apparent that for the technology to work, gadgets needed a dedicated smart speaker.

Fast forward to today, and technology has advanced to the point that you no longer need a dedicated speaker anymore.

Just imagine walking potential buyers through an open home as you talk to your lights to adjust the theme to a calmer and more relaxed ambiance. Tell your home that you’d like some light jazz music playing softly in the background as buyers walk from one room to another perusing your high-end technology implementations. Your home will stand out from the crowd.

smart home

  1. Further reach into smart technology

So, we’ve heard of all the common smart home automations such as control over your lighting or heating to home security functions. With most smart alternatives to every home device being a possibility, many are often overlooked, until now.

Imagine having your kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom fully integrated with smart technology bringing you one step closer to the fully automated home you’ve been dreaming about. Think voice assistance in your toilets heating up the toilet seat as you prepare yourself for a big one (introduced by the Numi Intelligent Toilet), or your shower communicating with you when the water temperature is perfect to your liking.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to smart home automation, and with the technology advancing faster than ever before, there’s only anticipation on what to expect in the must-have features of the smart home of 2019.


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