Painting a property for presentation – 5 Tips to Impress Your Audience


Visual appeal is everything when it comes to listing your property for lease or sale. With the powerful sharing capability of social media, online advertising can spread your campaign to the screens of buyers or renters nationwide. Painting is one of the best ways to prepare your home for hordes of attention. Why? Because just like polishing a car before selling it, a professional paint job will set the tone for immaculate presentation to achieve the best possible price.

Choose the right white

It’s no use splashing a generic white paint throughout your home assuming you’ve ticked the box. White and neutral tones range dramatically and selecting the right one can truly enhance your home beyond your expectations. Cooler whites offer a contemporary vibe and work well in rooms with abundant natural light as the two balance each other out, whereas warmer whites can add a feeling of space to homes with less direct sunlight. Older style homes with high ceilings suit warmer white tones as well. It is best to seek colour advise from your professional painter or supplier. Test swatches are highly recommended, as colours always appear different on your wall than in the tin.

Forget painted feature walls during an advertising campaign

In vogue, and appealing to style seekers out there, painted feature walls are mainly suited to properties with a minimalist or ultra-modern design. Dramatic feature walls, whether black, grey, lemon yellow or anything in between, may delight one group and deter another as colour is a very individual aspect to home styling.  If you are looking to capture the attention of a wide range of buyers and you haven’t commenced painting yet, it is recommended to choose a neutral paint pallet to best showcase a property listing. Adding colourful soft furnishings to your interior scheme during a campaign is a better choice than a feature wall such as, luxe bed linen, bold artwork, cushions and rugs. House hunters can better imagine their own style up against a neutral backdrop, in most cases.

feature walls painting

Showcase newly painted walls and ceilings with some complimentary lighting

Believe it or not, lighting and new paint go hand in hand to create a stunning space. Even on a tight budget, it is worth flaunting your fresh walls with complimentary lighting; a standing lamp in the living room, bright and modern kitchen lighting and certainly some soft mood lighting in bedrooms and study /retreat areas. Both for photography purposes and on-site inspections, your property will capture viewers’ attention.

Outdoor touch-up paint works a charm

Painting the interior of your home is indeed the place to start, as this is where new occupants will spend most of their time; but it is wise to allocate some of your painting budget to exterior painting to optimise street appeal. Minor patch and paint touch ups of your fencing, decking, mailbox, door frame and other outdoor framed structures is worthwhile. These little details can make a house feel like a home at an Open-for-Inspection or Auction Day. It also demonstrates pride and loving upkeep of the property to interested parties.


Avoid DIY painting when preparing to market your property

For those who are considering DIY painting prior to selling or leasing your property in Melbourne or Australia, think again (unless you happen to be a professional painter). This is one such case where leaving it to the pro’s is ultimately worthwhile. Expert painters not only have the expertise to provide a flawless finish to impress home hunters, but they also have the right tools, quality paints, physical capability, time management skills and end-to-end accountability for the work. Even in small apartments, bad paint jobs are blatantly obvious and very off-putting. Spend the money and reap the rewards of a stress-free, and often lucrative, professional paint job investment.


All in all, your purpose for painting is to create a fresh and inviting ambience which boasts quality to any audience.


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