5 Ways to Prepare Your House for Rent


Leasing out your house is a great way to make money without much effort. With any investment you want to get the maximum return and property investment is no different. To help out our landlords we’ve provided a list of 5 simple things you can do to prepare your property to rent, gaining the best return.

1. Ensuring the lawn is tidy & free from rubbish

First impressions last! Something as simple as the lawn being mowed is cost efficient and an easy thing to do. If you wish, we can put you into contact with our trades.

2. Cleaning

It may be obvious, but sometimes some owners wish to wait until the property is leased to then clean it, but, the cleanliness could be what is off-putting to a new tenant. We provide our tenants a comprehensive cleaning guide to assist them when cleaning, this might also help you in preparing it for rent. This is how they will be asked to return your property when they vacate! If you would like a copy, please get in touch.

3. Modernisation

If you are financially able to do so, and your fittings are outdated, we recommend upgrading all fittings to ‘modern’ ones. For example, dual modern power points, modern light switches and fittings, even some handles can look dated. A lick of paint on old tired walls or a new front door is also advantageous & could get you a higher rent.

4. Ensuring the rent is ‘priced right’

Perhaps you have rented before, or next door rented for $500 6 months ago? We recommend letting us price your property right, for the current market we are in at the time of leasing. Remembering that most websites have a ‘price bracket’ and by putting rent up by $5-$10 over the price bracket, you could lose half a market of people looking for rentals, e.g. some people might be looking for property between $400-500 per week, if your property is $510, you may miss out on an excellent tenant.

5. Advertising

Having the property ready for photos is a must. Most applicants like to see photos before even submitting an enquiry, we recommend having these before we market. We also can organise a floor plan for you if you like, some tenants love when properties have a floorplan to browse. We have a bright eye catching green for lease sign that will go out the front when we list the property for rent. You can also ‘upgrade’ your advertising if we do not get much enquiry, this will boost your properties listing higher on the websites & remain up the top for 4 weeks, if you’re on our Premium Package this is included in your advertising levy of $110.00. For more information talk to us today about advertising upgrades.

When wanting to lease your property in Newcastle out quickly, and to the right person, you first need to elect the right Agent. At Arnold Property we compare what’s currently available on the market in your area to assess your rent and the differences between your property and theirs. There may be something simple, like one of the above tips,  you can do to get more interest from the tenant market.

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