Finding A Property Manager

Get the support you need as a landlord with reliable property management in Newcastle.

  • Accurate, obligation free rental appraisal. We factor in seasonal trends based on over 30 years experience.
  • Offer suggestions on how to get the highest rent and best tenant.
  • Extensive marketing of your property via Window Displays, Domain,,,,  Newcastle Herald if required, Internal Rental Listing and our own Webpage. We also have extensive networks including Newcastle University, Defence Housing, Hunter Area Health and BNI. Our prominent location also gives you the exposure your property deserves.
  • Our no-compromise tenancy selection criteria eliminates undesirable applicants.
  • Residential Tenancy Condition Reports are completed fairly and accurately to minimise any potential conflicts at the end of the lease. Digital photography is taken to support the report.
  • Preparation of Residential Tenancy Agreement. Accurate completion is essential to protect your interests just in case we need to attend a Tribunal Hearing.
  • Collect and lodge the Bond with the Department of Fair Trading.
  • Routine Inspections are necessary to check on your tenants and to keep you up to date on repairs and maintenance. We will also make suggestions on how you could improve your return on the property.
  • Account to tenants for Water Usage and follow up to ensure the tenants actually pay it.
  • Electronically transfer your funds bi-monthly to save you interest on your loan.
  • Coordinate repairs and maintenance on your property. We have access to the best tradespeople in all fields.
  • Strict arrears control means your tenant will never reach 14 days in arrears before serious action is taken.
  • Offer tenants easy methods of paying their rent. This minimises potential rental arrears situations.
  • Pay your disbursements i.e. Council Rates, Water Rates, Levy Notices and maintenance invoices.
  • Provide an easy to read computerised Income and Expenditure Statement.
  • Regular Rent Reviews. These are conducted at the same time as Routine Inspections. We will also make recommendations about lease renewals. This generally results in us retaining our excellent tenants and minimises your vacancy.
  • When your tenant gives us notice you will be notified immediately. This is a opportunity for you to “spruce up” your investment if you wish. We also provide the tenant with a checklist to assist them in having the property properly presented for the “final inspection”. This reduces the likelihood of conflicts and a smooth transition for a new tenant. Rental Bonds are not released until we are completely satisfied all monies have been paid, any damage restored and the property cleaned as per the Ingoing Condition Report.
  • Should we be unable to avoid a costly and time-consuming Tribunal Hearing, rest assured your case will be professionally prepared and presented. We are proud of our track record at the Tribunal.
  • Provide you or your accountant with a detailed Income and Expenditure Statement at the end of each Financial Year.
  • Principal Outgoings

We can pay all of the outgoings associated with your Investment property. Outgoings include Council Rates, Water Rates, Strata Levies, Insurance and Maintenance.

The advantage to you is that all those expenses will be shown on your Income and Expenditure Statement at the end of the Financial Year. This makes your accountant’s job very easy.

In respect of the Hunter Water Corporation, your tenant will be billed immediately for any water usage if applicable.

Your rent monies will be electronically transferred directly into your nominated account. For a small extra fee this could be done twice a month.

We have designed our own Tenancy Application forms because we found that the standard forms did not ask for enough information.

In addition to this we obtain positive identification from every applicant. This takes the form of Drivers License, Birth Certificate or Passport.

Each applicant also needs to provide proof of income. This means a pay slip or Bank Statement.

Our office also subscribes to T.I.C.A (Tenancy Information Centre Australia) All applicants are screened through this channel. Defaulting tenants are a problem for every property owner and property manager. TICA provides the following valuable information about listed tenants:

  • Damage inflicted by tenants
  • Rents owed by tenants
  • Unkept gardens
  • Poor inspections
  • Unauthorised pets
  • Bankruptcy
  • Noise and nuisance
  • Malicious damage

Together with reference checks we minimise the risk of getting an undesirable tenant.

To ensure that your tenant is looking after the property and to head off any potential maintenance problems, we conduct regular inspections. The maximum number of inspections is four per annum.

Tenants who have an unsatisfactory inspection are notified in writing of what their obligations are. These tenants will receive an inspection every three months until we are satisfied that they are taking proper care of your property.

Most of our tenants are excellent and have a minimum of two inspections per annum.

Rent Reviews are conducted at the same time as the Routine Inspections.

A full written report will be sent to you letting you know how your tenant is taking care of your property.  The report will also include maintenance issues as well as our recommendations.

We are extremely thorough in conducting these. A tenant’s Rental Bond will not be released until:

  • All rents have been paid
  • All water usage has been paid
  • All cleaning has been completed
  • Any repairs completed
  • All lawns mowed, edged and snipped
  • All garden beds weeded and shrubs pruned
  • All rubbish removed from the property
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