Sell Your Home Sooner with Ducted Air Conditioning

You should never underestimate the importance of installing air conditioning in your home. Above everything else, you must prioritise your family’s comfort and ease. A house, after all, should never be considered a home if the household does not feel cosy and at peace in their environment. If you are looking into selling your property, installing an air conditioning unit is a great way to add value to your home.

What is ducted air conditioning?

Most people recognise air conditioning in the form of split system units. In this type of air conditioning system, the unit must be installed in an enclosed space and fixed individually per room in order for it to work efficiently. This veers away from a centralised model and focuses on a small area.

Ducted air conditioning, on the other hand, is all about keeping the temperature of your whole property in check. Unlike split-system air conditioners, ducted air con units covers a wider area. This air conditioning unit runs through the roof cavity of your home and offers a quick and easy cooling system that can be isolated per zone. Houses with big spaces and multiple levels would benefit greatly from ducted air-conditioning.

These tips will help you choose the most-suitable air conditioning unit for your home.

Sell Your Home Sooner with Ducted Air Conditioning

Making your home more marketable with ducted air conditioning

If you want to speed up the sale of your home, it is advisable that you install ducted air conditioning. This is a great selling point, as many people understand how convenient and easy a ducted air con system can be. With its features, it will impress you and your guests alike.

Here are some of the benefits of ducted air conditioning system.

· It covers a larger area.

As mentioned previously, the scope of the temperature control of this type of air-conditioning unit is larger than that of the split system units. There is no need to completely enclose your space before you feel the effects of the air conditioning unit. All you need to do is push a button and you can have full control of your property’s average temperature.

· It blends well with any design.

Unlike split system units, ducted air conditioning units are inconspicuous. There’s no need to clutter every room. All you need to do is make a one-time big time installation on your roof, and this unit will immediately blend into the design of your home.

· You get better value for your money.

Most people get intimidated with ducted air conditioners because of its cost. You shouldn’t expect a great price markdown in an item as useful and luxurious as ducted aircon units. However, when you add the total cost of installation, maintenance fees, and changing of equipment, you’ll actually save more with this option as compared to split system units.

Sell Your Home Sooner with Ducted Air Conditioning

· It produces less noise.

It may not seem like a big deal, but controlling the produced noise of air-conditioning units is actually a form of art. Leading a quiet and intimate household is one of the bestselling points of a sale. Never compromise the peace of mind in your household when you use air conditioning. Choose one that’s safe, secure, and guaranteed to last.

Install ducted air-conditioning units to your properties and transform its marketability now

Some of the most important factors in any household are convenience and peace of mind. With ducted air-conditioning units, you get a myriad of benefits that all contribute to the comfort of any family residing in the household. If you want an air conditioning unit that offers great temperature control and insulation, our team at Arnold Property recommend installing ducted air-conditioning units.

Contact a trusted air conditioning installers like Lakeside Air. Their air con experts can suggest and help install the ideal ducted air-conditioning unit for your house for sale. Make your home more marketable and appealing to buyers with ducted air-conditioning units. Contact an air conditioning technician today.

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