The Advantages of Living in a Beachfront Property


Why Choose a House near the Beach?

Have you experienced feeling more energised and years younger after a short vacation on the beach? Imagine actually living by the beach and getting that calm and carefree feeling every day! Whether you’re retiring, had enough of living inland, or you’re tired of the hustle and bustle of inner-city life, chances are you will find something that will make you want to stay close to the beach more permanently.

9 Benefits of Living in a Beachfront Property

9 Benefits of Living in a Beachfront Property

For most people, having a home in a coastal community is more than just an investment. Waking up to the sound of the waves, breathing fresh salt-scented air, and soaking up the glorious sun is often like a dream come true – not to mention the wonders it can do for your physical and mental wellbeing.

1.      Less stress, more good vibes

Prolonged stress has a negative impact on your health. It increases the risk of cancer, heart disease, obesity, respiratory illnesses, anxiety and depression. Research has shown that people who live in coastal areas enjoy better physical and mental health than others, and people whose residence has an ocean view report feeling calmer and less stressed than others.

The beach is known to promote relaxation, for a number of reasons, and people flock to it for physical and mental rejuvenation. Walking barefoot on the sand doesn’t just help make you feel warm and fuzzy, it also enables your body to absorb free negative ions through thousands of nerve endings in your feet. The salt in sea air contains negative ions too, which not only help your lungs to better absorb oxygen, but also have a noticeable uplifting effect on your mood.

You are happier and more relaxed

2.      You are happier and more relaxed.

Scientists have determined that the brain gets flooded with dopamine, a.k.a. feel-good hormones, just by looking at water. This is the Blue Mind theory, where it states that people who are exposed to water are generally more relaxed and happier. Engaging in activities, such as walking or fishing, can also be therapeutic and may help to reduce stress and ease symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder.

The salt in seawater preserves the tryptamine, melatonin and serotonin levels in your brain, which fight off depression and help your overall mental wellbeing. This is why you feel more energised and relaxed after your holiday at the beach.

3.      Ocean breeze helps you sleep better.

If you feel more rested and relaxed or energised and alert after a holiday at the beach, there is a scientific explanation for that. According to Dr. Natasha Bijlani, a psychiatrist from Priory Hospital Roehampton in London, sea air is fresher and cleaner and has higher levels of oxygen that help improve sleep. That’s because of the millions of negative ions present in the sea air, which balance your serotonin levels, one of the body’s so-called happiness hormones.

4.      Seawater helps heal your body.

Saltwater is rich in minerals such as sodium, chloride, magnesium, iodine, potassium and sulphur. Many of these elements have anti-inflammatory and healing effects on the skin. Magnesium in seawater hydrates the skin, increases its elasticity, and improves its appearance. Salt and potassium chloride are effective healers. A study from the University of Freiburg in Germany showed that bathing in salt water prior to UVB irradiation can help address skin problems such as psoriasis and atopic dermatitis.

5.      Increased physical activity

Living by the beach encourages you to go out more. There is always plenty for you to do, such as swimming, walking on the sand and playing beach volleyball. Daily exercise helps to improve your heart health, reduces cholesterol levels and blood pressure, and ultimately helps you fight obesity.

Nothing beats swimming in the sea in giving you a low-impact, full-body workout that vastly improves your circulation. The vitamins, amino acids and minerals in seawater produce antibacterial and antibiotic effects that strengthen your immune system. What’s more, the warm seawater stimulates the body’s healing mechanisms to fight bronchitis, asthma, inflammatory diseases and common body aches and pains.

6.      Superb seafood

Living near the beach promotes healthy eating, and a happy, healthy stomach affects your state of mind. Some would argue that eating fish regularly can ward off depression. That’s because a seafood diet is loaded with omega-3 fatty acids, which are essential fatty acids that promote brain cell growth. Where better to find fresh seafood than in a seaside town?

7.      Plenty of quaint pubs and bars

When the sun sets and you want to grab some beers and socialise with friends, you can just go to one of the many pubs and bars that a coastal community will surely have. Depending on your company (and mood!), you can take your pick from the flashy tourist bars or the cosy local pubs.

You get access to local events and festivities

8.      You get access to local events and festivities.

Towns around the beach normally host events to attract visitors into their community. These activities happen all year round and include wine or beer tastings, art shows and music festivals. If you’re a patron of the arts or supporter of start-up local bands, you’ll find that living by the beach will give you plenty of opportunities to indulge in these activities.

9.      Gorgeous sunrises and sunsets

Having a house near the beach gives you the chance to experience amazing sunrises and sunsets. There’s nothing more fascinating than watching darkness turn into light and witnessing the start of a new day. Or, you might prefer to watch the beautiful display of colours as the sky turns from golden to orange and finally red as the sun sets. These natural marvels are something that you can’t easily enjoy if you’re living in a city with hundreds of skyscrapers.

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Give Arnold Property a Call Today and Let’s Discuss Your Property Needs

Living on a beachfront property definitely has its advantages, and that is why beachfront homes are considered premium properties. Newcastle is surrounded by internationally renowned beaches and is perfectly situated to offer property seekers access to a multitude of coveted beachside locations with the added advantages of living in a large regional city. Whatever type of property you are looking for, we recommend that you check out our current listings!

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