The Suburbs Around The Junction


The forecast looks bright if you are renting, purchasing or investing in property in The Suburbs Around The Junction

Newcastle has a very healthy housing market, which looks as if it’s going to continue to grow for many more years to come. Part of the reason is that there are plenty of great suburbs to choose from, and The Junction and The Suburbs Around The Junction are some of the most popular. In this article we’re going to throw the spotlight on them and highlight some of the reasons why. These suburbs really are ideal places to live or run a business, and this provides prosperous conditions for the local property market.

The forecast looks bright if you are renting, purchasing or investing in property in The Suburbs Around The Junction. Buying A Home in Newcastle is such a hot topic at the moment we felt compelled to write a blog article about it, which you can read by clicking here.

The Junction has been a well-known area of Newcastle for many years and became a suburb in its own right in the early 90s. It is often used as a landmark or place for people to orientate themselves, and this ties it to the surrounding suburbs in a unique way.

Originally The Junction was part of the suburb of Merewether, and this is arguably the most famous of the suburbs that surround it. The Junction and The Suburbs Around The Junction offer a slice of the Australian dream – a modern city located on the ocean, which means you have that amazing beach lifestyle while also being able to easily walk, cycle or drive to work.


The Suburbs Around The Junction Newcastle NSW

Merewether is one of the oldest and largest suburbs in the Newcastle area, and today is a highly desirable postcode to call home (or home to your business). It gets its name from Edward Christopher Merewether, who owned the Burwood Estate which formally resided on the land. Merewether beach is one of the most popular beaches in Newcastle, which not only means it is patrolled year round, but it is also very vibrant – hosting numerous restaurants, bars and cafés. It is also where the world-famous Surfest is held each year.

Merewether Heights is also backed by Merewether Heights, which just adds to the long list of reasons why it is such a popular suburb in Newcastle.

Bar Beach

bar beach australia

If you were to ask people to name some of Newcastle’s beaches, Bar Beach would get mentioned by a very high percentage of them. This is because it is an idyllic location and a great place to go to the beach – the large car park means getting a park is pretty easy most of the time. The kiosk at Bar Beach does a good cup of coffee and a mean vegan muffin – just what you need after a dip in the water or as part of a beach walk. Stay environmentally friendly and take your own reusable cup, or make your order ‘to stay’ whilst you enjoy spotting dolphins and whales from one of the plentiful benches.

The beach and its coastline is complimented by Empire Park (which offers large open areas of grass, tennis courts, an oval, a skate park and the Bar Beach Bowling & Sporting Club) and the Memorial Walk (which includes the inspirational ANZAC Bridge).‎ If you want to keep fit, you can’t beat joining one of the many bootcamps that run in the area – we recommend Highlite Fitness. This combination of outdoor living and plenty of hotspots such as restaurants, cafés, gyms, and office spaces means Bar Beach is up the top of most people’s list of places to live and/or work in Newcastle.

Cooks Hill

darby street cooks hill

Cooks Hill is a true powerhouse when it comes to the suburbs of Newcastle. It has the perfect location for city and beach living – you’re super close to the Newcastle City Centre and a short distance from the ocean. It is also home to one of Newcastle’s most visited streets – Darby St. We could write a whole article just dedicated to Darby Street, so if you don’t already know about it, it’s time to plan a visit.

Newcastle West

Newcastle West is fast becoming (as some argue) the new city center of Newcastle. It has a booming apartment market which is offering inner city living at “affordable” prices and close proximity to all the amenities you need when living and/or working in an Australian city. There are schools, open areas (the National Park being the focal point), shops, restaurants, offices, houses, apartments, etc. Marketown is a shopping center which contains most of those things – it provides that modern combination of apartments above shops, cafés and eateries.

Hamilton South

Hamilton South is a perfect example of a classic Australian suburb, and is home to a very high number of families – young and old. Houses in the suburb are some of the most desirable in the area and provide a great home and/or investment option. There are also lots of small businesses and places for the kids, so it is easy to see why it is so attractive. It is also surrounded by the suburbs of Hamilton, Broadmeadow and Adamstown, which just makes its list of positives even longer and stronger.

Wrap Up

So there you have it. It’s just the tip of the iceberg, but it should hopefully wet your appetite for The Suburbs Around The Junction and be the catalyst for you to find out more about what they offer. If you’d like to know more about your property options in these suburbs, please drop us a line.

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