10 Property Styling Tips to help sell your home faster.


When Preparing your home for sale there can be a lot to take in, it can be hard for some people because they have attachments to certain items which may come across as clutter. If you are prepared to put in the hard work and commitment you will find yourself rewarded with a much higher sales figure. More buyers will be attracted to your listing and your property will spend less time on the market. For Vendors who are time poor or do not know where to begin we recommend to engage a professional stylist to take away the stress.












10 Property Styling Tips to help sell your home faster.

  • Be totally honest with yourself as to the condition of your property and your furnishings, or ask a trusted friend or family member to critique your property as would a potential buyer. You may be surprised at the things they will pick up that you hadn’t noticed.
  • Ask your agent as to the types of potential buyers they will be marketing the property to. Ie. young singles, or small families etc. This can make a huge difference in the style of furnishings and decorative items when preparing your property for sale.
  • Move your furniture around so your television isn’t the focal point in the space. If you have a fireplace or large window, place the pieces in a conversation zone – L or U shape, facing the window or fire place. Potential purchasers want to envisage entertaining their friends in the space.
  • Remove any rugs on carpets as potential purchaser will always feel that you are covering up damaged carpet and it’s also a tripping hazard. Always remove the bathroom mats for the same reason.
  • Purchase or hire some interesting and on-trend cushions for your lounge and chairs. You’ll be surprised what a difference some pops of colour makes.
  • Remove all the small decorative pieces you have, just keep a few larger ones. This opens up the space and draws the eye more than a jumble of colour and form.
  • Purchase or hire large artworks for your living spaces. By un-cluttering your walls of lots of smaller artworks, the room will feel more spacious.
  • Clean and freshly ironed bed linen is always a winner. Bulk the bedspread up with some European pillows, a brightly coloured throw rug and 3 or 5 decorative cushions.
  • As the kitchen is the heart of the home, make a point of showing that you cook and enjoy the space. Place recipe books near the cooktop; brew some coffee before each house opening and set the table for morning tea. The lovely aromas and cosy feel will always please.
  • Don’t forget your bathrooms and toilets. They spaces should be immaculately clean and smelling wonderful. Burn some scented candles, place clean/fluffy towels around the space and decorate with soap holders, pretty containers and fresh flowers.


By Helen Brunsdon – Swish Concepts

            Helen Brunsdonswish

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