5 Ways to be an Excellent Tenant


1. Pay rent on time!

Number one is very obvious!
Some tenants forget to pay rent when they first move in after their first two initial weeks in used. We recommend setting up a direct debit.

2. Take care of the property

Take even better care of the property, than if it was your own. We get a lot of tenants advise that they ‘will take care of the property as if it was their own home’, we recommend taking even more care than if it was your own home.

3. Always report maintenance!

In reference to number two, taking care of the property means reporting any issues with it. If we aren’t told, we cannot help you– we love tenants who send detailed descriptions, along with photos. Be mindful repairs may take longer than 24 hours to be rectified so please be patient.

4. Be co-operative

Being co-operative, logical, polite & friendly goes a long way.
Your property manager will appreciate kindness

5. Accept responsibility

Accept responsibility for those things in the Residential Tenancy Agreement i.e. ‘tenant agrees’ sections. The Landlord has their responsibilities, but so do tenants.


If you can stick to these 5 items then you will have a very happy relationship with your property manager. Most of our tenants have no issues in sticking to these 5 easy steps, and we are very grateful for that. Thorough tenancy selection we practice here at Arnold Property really assists us with this.

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