Moving out? Don’t forget everything!


Sometimes when tenants vacate they are in a different mindset, worrying about packing & cleaning that they sometimes miss items / places all together.

Below is a list of places we have found items that tenants have left behind.

1. Under the house

Sometimes this is ‘out of sight out of mind’ and a lot of people forget they have places items under the house. Some may remember and choose to leave the items regardless. At Arnold Property we check the house thoroughly at the Final inspection & any items left under the house you will be asked to collect or may have to pay a tradesman to dispose (if larger items)

2. In or behind the garage

Sometimes owners may leave items in the garage for the tenant to use. Some tenants may forget what item were theirs and what items are the owners, please check your ingoing report or ask the Agent to send you a photo of the garage internal.

3. Top shelf of built-ins wardrobes

As all cupboards / shelves should be cleaned at the time of vacating these items should not be missed, but some tenants may forget to do the top or bottom shelf – if we find any items and you are not there we will bring them back to the office for you to collect.

4. Kitchen cupboards

As mentioned above, all cupboards should be thoroughly checked but if missed we will advise you.

5. Garden sheds

As mentioned in the garage dot point, we are happy to provide you a photo of the garage if you do not know what items are yours or the owners (if any items were left for you to use)

6. Dryer (if property provides)

We have found clothes left in the dryer, add sock or two. Remember to just run your eyes / hands over all appliances to ensure nothing is left.

7. Behind doors

Some tenants have hooks on the back of their door and may forget that they have hung something on here

8. Window ledge, behind curtains/blind

As mentioned above, some items are placed here and with out of sight out of mind they are missed.


If the tenants are not present at the Final Inspection, and if any items are located a good property manager will notify the tenants and get them to come collect them from their office.

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